Our history

May 7, 1960 Birth of Michel Kolly at the Montagne de Lussy (Glâne). Primary school in Lussy, then in Bionnens, Esmonts, then in Vuarmarens, Corjolens. End of elementary school in the village of Onnens.

  • Meubles Kolly


    Secondary school in Fribourg, then agricultural school in Grangeneuve. Due to back problems, Michel Kolly leaves agriculture and starts an apprenticeship as an upholsterer at the Saint Joseph home.

  • Marriage with Brigitte Kolly.

    Married after 4 years of apprenticeship, after having helped his parents to prepare the cattle and goat for the family farm.

  • Meubles Kolly

    October 1, 1982

    Takeover of an upholsterer-decorator workshop at route du Moulin 1 in Marly, next to the forge. The van was taken over from the predecessor and marked with the new logo and the name of the company "Au reflet d'une Epoque".

  • 1983

    Birth of Steve Kolly


    Purchase of a piece of land at the route de Bourguillon 1


    Birth of Frédéric Kolly

  • November 1986

    Moving to the road of Bourguillon

    Opening of a first exhibition with workshop. There is an apprentice and an employee in addition to Brigitte and Michel.

  • Meubles Kolly


    Jean-Marie Maradan joins the company

    He comes to help deliver on Saturdays. He makes the section 41, and passes his CFC of upholsterer-decorator.

  • 1988

    Expansion of the store on the road to Bourguillon by integrating a cabinet making shop in 1990 (Claude Maudry).

  • 1991

    Opening of a first branch in the city of Romont at the Grand'Rue, in the city center next to the Lion d'Or.

    Jean-Marie Maradan becomes the branch manager of Romont. He has 7 employees.

  • Michel had the idea to make advertisements for bedding. An electric articulated bed base was installed at the roadside in Marly. There were always 2 occupants on the bed. There was an apprentice and an employee, or an employee with a dog. The "occupants" of the bed made the box spring articulate. Michel went to get the croissants. And so the day began at 6 a.m. Several articles had appeared in the press, including in the automobile magazine.

  • 1993

    The Romont branch moved to the former Coop building at Route de Billens 9 in Romont, where we were able to triple the exhibition space and improve the presentation of the furniture.

  • Meubles Kolly


    Picked up a wrecked car, turned upside down on the side of the road, and put up a sign that read "Reversing, the new Bedding".

  • 1997

    Opening, in the city of Payerne, of a second branch at rue Guillarmaux 24. 6 months after the opening, the branch is taken over by Jean-Marie, who makes it a success. The company Kolly now has about ten employees.

  • July 25, 1997

    The Tour de France passes through Farvagny

    Take advantage of the television that is going to pass there, and the enenistry realizes wooden bikes crossed that are mounted on the vehicles Meubles Kolly and which are deposited at the roadside in Farvagny. After a summons to remove the vehicles, the Tour de France finally arrives and unfortunately the keys of the vehicles could not be found before the tour.

  • Meubles Kolly


    Three years later, we took over the Hämmerli furniture store on the Route de Grancour in Payerne. The branch Kolly moves there.

  • Meubles Kolly


    Expansion of the furniture store in Payerne by integrating the cabinet making shop in Marly.

  • 2006

    Steve takes over the management of the store in Romont.

  • In 2009

    Brigitte and Michel, Steve and Frédéric went to Bulle to see if they could find a place to open a branch. After one day, they leave without finding anything. Some time later, on his way to a client's house, Michel passes a sign "for sale" with a phone number. Michel called and bought the land.

  • 2009

    Steve is joined by Frédéric in Romont. They have a great year together.

  • In 2010


    Construction of a new exhibition in Bulle, at chemin des Groseilles 2 in 1635 La Tour-de-Trême. The inauguration took place in January 2011. It is Steve who takes over the management of the newly built store in Bulle.


    Frédéric takes over the position of branch manager in Romont.

  • Meubles Kolly

    October 13, 2013

    The store in Romont catches fire during the counter in Fribourg. All the furniture is destroyed.

  • October 2013 - May 2015

    Reconstruction of the Romont store and inauguration in May 2015.

  • 2015

    Michel Kolly had sworn to himself that if he built a new store, it would be on the side of a highway. After having walked between Guin and Châtel-Saint-Denis, Michel realizes that Rossens is perfectly situated between Payerne and Bulle and between Romont and Marly. He goes out to Rossens, he sees the land, then goes to the commune to ask to whom it belongs. Acquisition of a ground at the edge of the freeway on the commune of Rossens with the aim of creating a distribution center which could serve all the stores.

    2015 - 2016 - 2017

    As the project progressed, we realized the opportunity that the place represented. The project became a new interior design center, with a cabinet making shop, upholsterer's workshop, exhibition center for kitchen furniture, contract furniture, curtains and flooring. The project finally polarizes the attention of the employees and the customers.

  • 2017.jpg


    Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Payerne store,

    the 35th anniversary of the company and the 30th anniversary of Mr. Jean-Marie Maradan, the most faithful collaborator of the company.

  • 2018

    Opening of the Rossens store

    Increased visibility due to proximity to the highway.

  • 2020

    Launch of a comic book "KollyThey are part of the furniture" sold for the benefit of the foundation Just for SmileWhich organizes sports activities for children with disabilities.

    The comic
  • Meubles Kolly

    October 2020

    Michel Kolly transmits the direction of Meubles Kolly to his sons Steve and Frédéric.

  • Meubles Kolly

    September 2021

    Opening of a new branch in Sugiez, in the Vully region.