Our services

Meubles Kolly, more than furniture, it is above all a team of qualified and experienced craftsmen. Quality furniture is not something to be thrown away.

Because our furniture is durable, our teams listen, advise, plan and coordinate. Our craftsmen fit out and soundproof homes and workplaces; they repair, restore, upholster, transform and renovate furniture.

This artisanal and professional work, this local and proximity know-how is the essence of the company, which, since its foundation, goes against the grain of the disposable society. A quality piece of furniture can be maintained, restored, transformed and last... sometimes a lifetime.

Interior designer

Our interior decorators and interior design consultants listen to and understand requests; if necessary, they come to the client's home. Taking into account the existing environment, the measurements of the room, they proceed to the planning of the interior, with the new furniture. They provide ideas and solutions for the interior design. They also provide all the information related to the good maintenance of the furniture (wood, leather, metal, fabric).

Upholsterer decorator

Our upholsterers-decorators are active in the restoration of furniture such as armchairs and sofas. They reinforce the "too soft" seats, strip the armchairs and sofas to be restored, proceed to the stuffing, then to the replacement of the fabric, the leather. They make and install curtains and curtain rods. They also carry out the installation of hangings and phonic ceilings. Finally, the interior decorators also carry out the installation of parquet floors and grounds.

Restoration of furniture

Meubles Kolly has an internal furniture repair service. Instead of sending the furniture back to the factory, which would waste time and have a higher impact on the environment, the furniture is brought to the workshops in Rossens, where it will be taken care of. The employees of Meubles Kolly have themselves been trained at the factory to carry out the repairs. On request, during the repair period, replacement furniture can be provided.


The cabinetmakers of Meubles Kolly are active in the transformation of furniture for both ergonomic and aesthetic criteria (mounting a box spring on wheels in a bed frame, shrinking/expanding/separating a bed, repairing table tops), as well as in the restoration of contemporary furniture or antiques. For repairs and creations in our workshop, our cabinetmakers work with Swiss wood.


For the creation of your kitchen, we carry out the measurements, the concept, the design, the technical plans and the planning of the building site. Within the framework of a global renovation of your room, our collaborators can carry out the whole coordination between the various trades. Our long experience in the design, manufacture and implementation of exceptional kitchens allows us to assume an original, qualitative, human and personalized segment


The delivery men prepare the goods. In each delivery team of Meubles Kolly, there is either an upholsterer-decorator, a carpenter or a cabinetmaker. The delivery is carried out by people of the trade. Upon receipt of the furniture at the warehouse, each piece of furniture/kitchen/custom item is checked. The deliverers make sure that the material is complete and in perfect condition.