Scylla Armchair

The Scylla armchair has an original and timeless design. It has an upholstered seat and seat for optimal comfort. This armchair is available in multiple colors and materials (coat, fabric) which allows a wider choice of composition. A pouf can also accompany the armchair for more relaxation. The model can be customized in a complete way, from armrests, to coatings, to seam color. When originality meets conviviality.

The Scylla armchair is an integral part of the range of chairs proposed by Furniture Kolly in Bulle, Payerne and Rossens in the canton of Fribourg.

Scylla Armchair Leolux - 1
  • Scylla Armchair Leolux - 1
  • Scylla Armchair Leolux - 2
  • Scylla Armchair Leolux - 3
  • Scylla Armchair Leolux - 4