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From start to finish:

Everything starts with the research and study phase. Our designer examines everything to understand the intrinsic needs of each project. Once this stage is completed, the time comes for tastes and colors, which will truly make the identity of the kitchen and its uniqueness, in the image of each person, of each personality.


Each project must be perfectly adapted, be unique, and take into account the expectations, specificities and wishes of each user. A real and beautiful alternative to kitchens that are certainly enticing and from standardized productions. Gone are the days of aseptic kitchens, standardized elements, predefined colors and catalogs of references simply declined. The starting principle is to find, unearth, imagine, satisfy, make possible, seduce and give desire.


What is the purpose of your kitchen? To cook. It seems simple, and yet, it raises a real problem regarding the arrangement of the elements that make up a set. A kitchen layout must be perfectly designed according to the wishes and characteristics of each user in order to allow everyone to enjoy their kitchen and their own well-being.

A kitchen for cooking, not for filling with furniture. Your kitchen is not a museum piece, a fragile surface that we are careful not to overuse. It is a space for exchange, pleasure, peace, sharing and well-being. It is a timeless space, solid, robust, ultra functional, sometimes delirious or surprising and other times of extreme simplicity.


After a first presentation of the idea, we realize a project under software of an extreme rigor to define the arrangement of the elements and their functionalities. The link between the computer project, the dream of the first pencil strokes, the search for forms, functions and exceptional materials rarely used in a kitchen space. The high-precision craftsmanship is expressed until the final design of the kitchen, often in pre-assembly in the manufacturing workshops, and then at your home.

How much:

Beyond the sumptuousness and adaptability of our projects, we have achieved a tour de force: to avoid the all-consuming sirens of branding. Indeed, none of our kitchens are stamped with the seal of a third-party manufacturer. This discretion is consciously intended and allows us to meet reasonable budgetary demands, often above the prices displayed in the catalogs, but calculated fairly in view of the exceptional quality of the materials and the extreme customization of each project.