The bedding includes all the articles composing the universe of the bed, in particular the mattress and the base on which one lies down, but also the bed linen

Meubles Kolly naturally makes you benefit from the current offers of all the bedding suppliers

The team of Meubles Kolly welcomes you in their premises of Bulle, Payerne, Rossens and Sugiez, in the canton of Fribourg and Vaud. Our team of enthusiasts offers a wide selection of high quality beds, mattresses, box springs, comforters and pillows. Robust, comfortable, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing, our bedding articles meet a high level of demand

Investing in quality bedding is a sine qua non to be able to perform throughout the day.

The acquisition of a quality bed and mattress is essential to get a good night's rest. The bedroom is one of the places in the house where we spend the most time. It is essential to make it a soothing, comfortable and warm place.

Our experienced team will design your bedroom and provide you with professional advice in the choice of your bedding.

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