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Elegant, functional, ergonomic, sleek design are some of the advantages of curtains and blinds offered for purchase.

Meubles Kolly in Bulle, Payerne and Rossens offers a selection of blinds and curtains for your interior design. Horizontal or vertical blinds, drapes, panel curtains, we provide custom solutions depending on the layout of your home or office.

The installation of curtains can allow an elegant dressing of your interior, a protection against the voyeurism of the neighborhood and a darkening of the room. The blind can also make the room darker, or conversely, if it is colored, it can lighten it. The blinds can serve as protection against voyeurism just like curtains.

Our curtains and blinds will make the difference by their longevity and robustness. We propose to our customers to invest better and more seriously, in material aesthetically accomplished, functional, made with noble materials and in a continuous effort to meet the highest standards in terms of quality and monitoring. The choice of curtains and blinds of high quality allows at the same time to improve the comfort of the users.

Meubles Kolly in Bulle, Payerne and Rossens in the canton of Fribourg offers a wide selection of curtains and blinds. Our products meet high standards in terms of quality and follow-up.