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Foldable or retractable beds; space saving.

The interior design of a studio, a room in a villa, a chalet, is not always so simple! 

The criterion of m2 is often one of the main criteria. 

How to fit out a cramped room, so that it is transformed into a functional place, able to welcome 2 people as much during the day, with a living room, a table, a desk, shelves, as at night with a comfortable and luxurious bedroom?

How to decorate it with design where you will have the pleasure of feeling good every day?

The solution, the FOLDING BED or FOLDING BED.

2 equipments in 1 product.

Thanks to its adaptable, "made-to-measure" layout, you will have quality daily bedding for 2 people and a living room interior with, for example, a comfortable, designer lounge in a wide choice of fabrics.

Personalise your room, studio, chalet according to your desires and needs without compromise, gain m2 of living space.

Ask for information and an offer from one of our Kolly Furniture advisors in Rossens, Bulle, Payerne, Sugiez, in the cantons of Fribourg and Vaud.