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Have you ever dreamt of sleeping in a 5-star hotel every day?

With Boxsprings, this dream can become reality.

This specific Boxspring bedding, with the term meaning "box springs", comes from Northern Europe, then taken over by the North American "KING SIZE" bedding, the Boxspring is based on a 3 level bedding, namely:

The base, built on a wooden frame, contains individually pocketed springs, framed with foam, covered with the fabric and colour of your choice. It can be fixed or motorised for your comfort.

The second level is the Boxspring mattress, also in pocket springs, in multi-zone for a more precise and pleasant comfort. A foam tray covers each side of the mattress. All of this is finished with the same fabric finish of your choice.

Finally, the mattress topper. This small mattress of variable thickness rests on the whole of your bed to give you the greatest possible comfort. The choice of your mattress topper is wide, and is offered to you as you wish, and above all according to your desired optimum comfort.

To complete your sumptuous Boxspring, a base, acacia wood or oak base, or storage box, as well as a headboard with countless design variations and fabric choices is offered to you.

Accessories such as LED lights, bedside tables, chest of drawers will enhance your Boxspring for the pleasure of a deep and generous sleep.

Meubles Kolly Bulle, Rossens, Payerne, Sugiez advise you to make your dream come true.